Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Making Gifts for Christmas

Back in the 70's, my sister Cindy and I decided to make Christmas gifts for our aunts and uncles. We still do this. Every year we try to come up with something unique and different. We have made flavored sugar, padded photo frames, Lucite photo frames with colored glass gemstones and charms, ceramic painted boxes with homemade rose petal potpourri (We had rose bushes in our yard and I dried the petals for the potpourri.), stuffed ducks, aprons, crocheted place mats, candles, cookies in a jar, soup in a jar, calendars, painted tee shirts, sweatshirts with studs, painted Christmas sweatshirts, embroidered pictures, ceramic bowls (Cindy made these), quilted place mats, water color paintings, photographs I took and put into frames, hot pad mitts, wooden ducks dressed and used as doorstops, calligraphy poems, beaded jewelry, and much more. This year we decided to collaborate with the gifts we make for our three aunts and one uncle. In the past years, we have collaborated on some of the gifts and some of them we have made entirely by ourselves. I found an Internet link to some printed tea towels to make this year. Actually, we will be getting a little help from Spoonflower to make the tea towels. In my collection of cookbooks, I have both of my grandmother's cookbooks and recipes. I scanned some of the recipes to a document and sent this document to Spoonflower. They will print the recipes onto tea towel material. Since I hate to sew and Cindy loves it, she will finish off the tea towels by hemming each of them and then making sure that each aunt and uncle will receive the Christmas gifts from us.

Now, I need to start working on an idea for making Christmas gifts for the aunts and uncle for NEXT Christmas! If you have any good ideas, sent them to me.