Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Learning New Beading Techniques

I have decided to try something different with the beads – bead weaving.  For some reason I have never been interested in this until I saw this ad for bracelets (that I have yet to make) using some bead weaving techniques.  I think these bracelets are so beautiful, so I paid for the instructions.  I rarely do that.  After reading the instructions, I decided I had better go back to the beginning and actually learn the bead weaving stitches and learn to follow a pattern.

I bought a beginners book and I made my first project.  The even-count peyote stitch was suggested as a good stitch to learn first.  Here is a photo of my first bracelet.  Well, actually this isn’t my first bead weaving project. 
I discovered that what I learned when I lived in Sarasota, was bead weaving!  A friend taught me how to make some peyote beads and another stitch called a spiral. 

This is a photo of a necklace I made with some bead weaving techniques.  I used a needle and Fireline (fishing line) to make this necklace.

I plan to make many more bead weaving projects.  It is a bit tedious and time consuming, but I do enjoy it.

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