Thursday, March 28, 2013

Continuing my Peyote Stitch Bracelet

Yesterday I was very frustrated because my beadwork project did not look like it was supposed to look.  I am trying to make the bracelet on the left in this photo and follow the pattern above.  I looked at tutorials for the peyote even-count stitches on You Tube and I even wrote an email to the author of the book I'm using.  She did respond right away and told me to send her a photo of my work.  She also sent me tutorials.  My piece I'd made looked exactly like the piece I made the day before, even after watching the tutorials. 

Today I have decided to KIND OF follow the pattern, but I am not counting the rows or trying to decide which bead I need to put my needle in with the right color of bead to make it look like the pattern.  I have decided to sit and enjoy making this peyote stitch bracelet and not be concerned if it looks like the pattern.

I plan to eventually find someone who can teach me the correct way to follow the pattern.  But for now, I'm at peace and enjoying my new found hobby.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Learning Bead Weaving

I decided to teach myself how to do some bead weaving.  Over five years ago, a friend taught me the peyote stitch and I made some beads, which I have never used in a piece of jewelry.  I have been making jewelry, mostly straight stringing, since around 2005 and now I want to take this hobby to the next level.  I bought a beginners book on bead weaving.  As you can see by the colored tabs, I have read the book and now I am ready to start a bead weaving project.  I've already tried making this flat peyote even count bracelet twice, but the beads don't line up the way they are supposed to do.  I don't find this BEGINNER PROJECT very beginner-ish!  I am going to try it a few more times, so maybe I will eventually get the hang of it.