Monday, April 14, 2014

Crafting ADD

I have Crafting ADD -- Crafting Attention Deficit Disorder.  In case you don't know what this is, I will explain.  I have an art studio behind our house.  When I go in there with no particular project in mind, I get Crafting ADD.  I have a lot of crafts that I enjoy doing -- making jewelry, embroidery, crocheting, cooking and baking, photography, sewing, painting and scrap booking.  These are my favorite crafts.  I have a hard time choosing what craft I want to do and many times I have several projects going at the same time and I bounce back and forth from one to another. I made this Wheel-of-Fortune with my crafts I enjoy doing in eight little pie shapes.  When I go into my studio tomorrow, I can spin the arrow and see what craft I will be doing.  Round and round she goes. . . where she stops, nobody knows.

Friday, March 28, 2014

My Very Own Art Studio!

When I started making jewelry in 2004, I wished I had a room of the house where I could create my jewelry and do all of my fun crafts.  I could have peace and quiet away from the noisy TV and lock out the cat who wanted to be a part of everything I did.  I was using our dining room table as my studio.  I had to pick up my beads before we used the table for meals and I couldn't leave anything out or the next day my beads and paraphernalia would be all over the floor.  Buster the cat wouldn't be able to leave such a fun play area alone!

In August 2013, my husband and I bought a house with an art studio in the back yard!  It is a separate building where the previous owner taught stained glass classes.

After the previous owners left, I had this totally bare building to make into my very own art studio!  She left me one of the big tables which I love and it is perfect for spreading out all of my jewelry making projects and other craft projects.  And they also left two shelving units. 

I decided I wanted my studio bright colors with lots of artwork on the walls and a conversation area to relax and have a cup of tea with a friend.

I found a couple of chairs and a little chest at a resale shop.  I didn't want to spend too much money on this studio, but I wanted it to still look good.  I picked out the blue and green for the walls since the chairs were blue.  One chair has pink flowers with green leaves so I used pink as an accent color.

We moved into our house in February 2014 and I completed my studio with some more furniture and lots of family artwork for the walls.  I love having my very own art studio where I can spend time without interruptions and to be able to concentrate on new jewelry pieces.  And I can close the door and leave a mess without the cat getting into anything.