Wednesday, May 23, 2012

What a Waste!

This is the recycling bin that sits by our mail boxes at our apartment complex.  This particular bin gets filled with junk mail and fliers mostly.  Once a week we receive sales fliers like what you get when you purchase a copy of the Sunday newspaper and most of these fliers end up in this recycling bin.  What a waste of our resources!  At least these sale fliers and junk mail are being recycled.  I wonder if all of these companies that advertise in these fliers know that their ads are going into the trash -- most of them not even looked at.  I don't look at my sales fliers.  They go directly into this recycling bin.  I think these advertisers need to figure out that this is the age of computers and websites.  If someone wants to know what is on sale at a particular store, then look it up on the website instead of wasting paper and ink that end up in the trash!

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