Sunday, May 31, 2009

Sunday in Dallas

Hi Folks! I had Bob take a photo of me at my beading table - a.k.a. the dining room table. I thought this would make a good photo for my blog, being that I called it "Life of a Crazy Beader". We don't have a lot of room in our 2-bedroom apartment, so I have to double up on some things. I hope I can get inspired today to do some bead work. You'd think with all of those beads on the table that I'd have plenty to inspire me. A lot of my specialty beads take other beads to go with them and I don't have the right ones - yet. I'll eventually get them. And some beads are waiting for my sister to come in a few weeks so she can help me make the most of them. Cindy has good ideas, being an art teacher.

Last night we went to a "hanging" party. What is that you ask? Val & Ken had bought a couple of paintings from Mary, who has a gallery ( Mary & Alberto go to our church along with Val & Ken. And Liz & Danielle were there too -- also from the church. Alberto hung the paintings and we had a light supper, consisting of a Jimaca salad, chicken salad and Rosemary bread. Ice cream and berries were dessert. All was yummy! And the company was wonderful! It was a delightful evening.

Today at church there is a bilingual service for Pentecost. The Spanish congregation that meets at noon, will join us English-speaking worshipers at 10:30. The service will be in English and Spanish, so it will be a long one. The choir is singing, so I need to get off of this computer and get ready to go to choir practice at 9:30.

Have a good day all!

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  1. Great picture. You look great in that yellow. I just came back from our pool. Beth, Michael and Rachel wre there. It was very nice. I'm going to do some cleaning and then cook dinner. Lazy weekend. I have something wrong with my right foot. It hurts and is swollen. I may go to the Podiatrist tomorrow. Sounds like you should folllow your intuition. Trips around Dallas sounds good to me. More later.