Monday, June 1, 2009

Daily Mode of Operandi

This is OUR Daily Mode of Operandi. Rowdy and mine. I get my tea fixed as soon as I get up and then I sit in my computer chair and read/write emails with Rowdy on my lap. Every once in awhile if I don't pay attention to him, he will give me a little pat on my face. "Hey! Remember me? I'm down here needing some TLC!" Then, I have to stop what I'm doing and give him a hug, a kiss and tell him "I love my Rowdy!" This pacifies him for awhile. Buster needs a turn once in awhile too, but he just sits upright and only stays a minute. I think cats are wonderful! I've had cats nearly all of my life. They all have their own personalities and preferences just like people. Rowdy LOVES olives! Yes, that's what I said. Olives! And he doesn't prefer green ones over black ones. He could be asleep anywhere in the house and if I open a jar of olives, he's immediately at my feet meowing and driving me crazy for one. It must be like catnip to him. Buster doesn't like olives though. We learned this some time ago. So, whenever I use olives on anything, I have to cut off a small piece and put it on the floor. Rowdy rolls around all over it and gets it good and hairy. He rubs his face in it too. And if Buster tries to see what all of the commotion is about, Rowdy is very protective of HIS olive and he won't let Buster in on his secret! Rowdy will bat Buster on the head and growl at him. Buster stalks off. Then, Rowdy eats the olive. Oh, yum! Of course, he'll come begging for more olives. If I sit down with a salad that has olives on it, he won't leave me alone and he'll get up on the table in hopes of getting one himself. That doesn't last long though, as cats aren't allowed on our tables!! I know Rowdy is hoping he'll get olives today.

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