Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Annie, The Potter

This is Annie and her dog, Geppetto. Annie used to live in our apartment that was over our garage when we lived on Monticello in 1996 - 2001. Annie came with the house when we bought it! Annie was already renting the apartment and we let her stay. She called her apartment her "tree house", as it was perched up near the tree tops that were in our yard. Annie makes pottery and she had just graduated with a degree in pottery. I love ALL of her pottery she makes. One day when Bob and I came home from work, Annie was standing on the balcony of her "tree house", throwing off pieces of her pottery onto our driveway and smashing them! We thought she was trying to chase her boyfriend away! She told us that she was "cleaning house" -- getting rid of any of her not-so-perfect pieces of pottery that she had made. I loved ALL of her pottery and I didn't want to see any of it smashed. I managed to rescue a few of her not-so-perfect pieces and I love them and use them. Annie collected her broken pieces of her pottery in a large bucket and I did use some of those pieces to make this beautiful flower pot. I still have the flower pot and it reminds me of Annie. You can see her website at I'm sure she wouldn't mind if you bought some of her pottery too!

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