Monday, July 4, 2011

Bob and I are Very Spoiled!

Bob and I are VERY SPOILED! We have a wonderful luxury car, but Friday we had to rent a car for our trip to Tulsa (or cancel the trip). It was my granddaughter's birthday, so I certainly wouldn't CANCEL the trip! Bob took our car in for some repairs last Thursday when he heard noises that disturbed him. The car needed a new arm and t-rod. We thought we would have the car back on Friday in time to take our trip, but the extended warranty that we planned to use to take care of the costs of the repairs, stated that an inspection was needed before the auto repair place could release our car to us. And they couldn't do the inspection until Tuesday. We asked my friend Kem to take us to the airport to get our rental car, as she asked us to do the same for her a couple of months ago. That's what friends are for, right? We got into our rental car -- the white car shown in the photo above -- and away we went. Bob asked me if I had directions to Ed & Judy's house where we were staying and I said, "Just put the address in the . . . ". I realized then that we had no GPS in the car! A few miles into our trip, Bob's cell phone rang and he was digging it out of his pocket while he was driving. I was wondering why he didn't just answer it with the Bluetooth. NO BLUETOOTH in the rental car! I got out my book to read and Bob said, "Wish we had thought to bring some CD's." We didn't have our XM Satellite radio with a million stations like we have in our own car. I told Bob that we are very spoiled! I started thinking about all of the other ways we are so spoiled compared to other countries and the homeless people that are right here in Dallas. I am a very lucky girl and I thank God every day for his abundance he gives me.

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