Tuesday, October 11, 2011

From My House to Yours

I just made a new necklace using some ceramic beads that are shaped like colorful, little houses and a ceramic pendant that Cindy made for me. I saw these cute, little house beads in one of my beading magazines last summer and I knew right away what I would do with them if I bought some. In June 2002, Bob and I took a trip to St. Augustine, FL for a small family reunion. We met my sister-in-law, Chris and her family and Mike and Cindy there. We took one of those trolley tours around the city and on one of the stops the trolley made, there was a unique looking old door/gate. I took a photo of this door/gate. A couple of months ago, I decided to order these little colorful ceramic house beads and I asked Cindy if she could make a ceramic pendant for me to look like the door/gate that I saw in St. Augustine. Here is a photo of my necklace that I named "From My House to Yours".

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