Thursday, February 7, 2013

Spirit Doll

My friend Lyn Belisle who lives in San Antonio gives workshops on how to make Spirit Dolls using her Spirit Faces she makes.  I have some of Lyn's Spirit Faces and I have used a couple of them in necklaces that I created.  Lyn is giving a new workshop of which I would love to attend, but since San Antonio is a 3 hour drive from Dallas, I decided to try making a Spirit Doll on my own.  My sister Cindy and I made Apple Head Dolls back in the early 80's so I thought I could make the Spirit Doll like one of the Apple Head Dolls.  I had some annealed steel wire that I bent into a very rough person's figure shape.  Then, I tied some polyester fiberfill onto the wire.  I have a drawer full of pieces of material, so I used a cotton purple calico piece for the long skirt (to hide the polyester fiberfill tied to the legs of my wire figure) and a piece of purple checked material for a blouse.  I tied the Spirit Face onto the wire, as Lyn puts holes in her faces so that was easy to do.  I have another drawer full of yarn -- I love to do many crafts! -- so I chose some black eyelash yarn for the hair.  I needed to cover up some fiberfill and the hair and I found a piece of lace in my drawer with the material.  Of course I have a huge supply of old junk jewelry that friends have given to me, so I chose this rhinestone piece to hold the lace in place.  And of course, my Spirit Doll HAD to have a piece of jewelry on!  I wanted my Spirit Doll to tell something about me so I found some miniature items at a dollhouse store.  My Spirit Doll is holding a chain with a pan of cookies, a camera, a passport, a basket of yarn, beads, scissors, etc., a cookbook, a mystery book and a Marshall Fields shopping bag.  The Spirit Doll embodies the energy of what you want to bring into your life.  My Spirit Doll is holding representations of things I enjoy doing.  Not everything, but most of them.  I enjoy being with my friends and family and corresponding with them and I don't have representations of them.  If I find a way to represent this, I will add them to my Spirit Doll.  I'm hoping that my Spirit Doll will forever give me the energy to be able to do all of these wonderful things I enjoy doing.

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  1. This is wonderful!! I'm honored that you took my idea and enhanced it - what a beautiful creation. I heard about spirit dolls from Joanna Powell Colbert:
    Yours is a beautiful example, Linda - thanks for sharing.