Friday, June 25, 2010

2010 Art "Works" for Transplantation Contest

On June 8th, I asked all of my friends and family to "think positive thoughts", say prayers and to wish that my sister wins the 2010 Gallery of Hope art contest so she could fly free to Dallas for the National Learning Congress (NLC 2010) and have the distinction of winning. She received an email today from the HRM Group that judged the artwork. Unfortunately, Cindy did not win. She is still planning to fly out for the NLC 2010, however. She wants to see all of the artwork that will be shown in the Gallery of Hope. The contest took place in Denver at the Division of Transplantation NLC Faculty Meeting on June 10th and 11th. A painting by Cindy Christian Rogers, a transplant recipient from Maple Grove, MN was selected as the winner. I plan to attend the NLC 2010 with Bob, Cindy and hopefully DeWayne and Michael, and if I can, I will take a photo of the winning piece of artwork and include it in a blog. Thank you all for your prayers and positive thinking that my sister win the contest. She is still A WINNER TO ME!!!

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