Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Jewelry Yard Sale in Illinois

NeeNee & CheeChee, a.k.a. Linda & Cindy, decided to have a jewelry yard sale when I was in Illinois visiting last week. Cindy's husband's (Mike) ex-wife and her husband live a few blocks from Cindy & Mike and they live on a busier street, so that is where we held our jewelry yard sale. We did no advertising, but we did post a couple of signs at the ends of the street. I sold over $270 and Cindy sold close to that. She sent out an email to some of her friends in the area who came and a friend of mine also came. Lots of people stopped by to look at our jewelry. Cindy and I were shocked that we made so many sales! It was FUN! I photographed all of Cindy's jewelry that was left over and they will be added to the NeeNee & CheeChee's Beaded Things Etsy website soon.

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