Saturday, July 17, 2010

An Afternoon with Annie

Bob and I got to spend this afternoon with Annie! We hadn't seen her in at least nine years. When Bob and I bought the house on Monticello Avenue here in Dallas in 1996, Annie was living in the apartment over the garage. She called it her "treehouse". She asked if she could stay there and of course we said, "YES!" Annie was like another one of our kids and we loved having her as part of our family. Annie has a Master's degree in pottery making. She had beautiful pottery displayed all around her apartment and within a short time, I also had Annie's pottery displayed all around our house. One day we came home from work and there were pottery shards all over our driveway. Annie was throwing some of her pieces of low-standard pottery off of her balcony and smashing them. I was very upset. Not for the fact that she was littering our driveway with her pottery, but because she was breaking her BEAUTIFUL PIECES! I loved every piece of pottery Annie made, perfect or not! I rescued a few of her pieces of pottery that would have been smashed, as they didn't live up to her standard of pottery making. I collected the pieces of pottery in a bucket and I used some of those pieces to put around the outside of flower pots. While Annie was with us this afternoon, she talked me into possibly teaching some jewelry making classes in Burleson, where she will be teaching some pottery classes. If you are interested in seeing some of Annie's pottery, take a look at her website --

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