Monday, July 5, 2010

We decided to head East

Bob had today off work and we wanted to spend the day together doing something fun, exciting, and different. When we are home together, Bob is either on his computer or watching TV and I am beading. We wanted to do something other than our hobbies today. We Googled "day trips from Dallas" and decided to head down I-80 to East TX and see how far we got. We went through Terrell and Wills Point. Wills Point is the Blue Bird Capital of Texas. There was a Bluebird Cafe that looked interesting to have lunch in Wills Point, but we weren't quite ready at the time. Another time perhaps. Bob and I like to eat at the local places and not the chain restaurants. We continued down I-80 to Grand Saline. We found a local Mexican restaurant called Papadales where we had lunch. Very yummy! I wanted to see the salt flats, but Bob missed the turn off, so we continued down I-80 to Gladewater. It is the Antique Capital of East Texas! We stopped and walked down the main drag and went into some of the antique stores that were open today. Also in Gladewater, there still stands the Snavely #1 Oil Well. We were too hot and tired to continue any further east, so we decided to head back towards Dallas and see if we could find the Morton Salt mines. We did and I took a couple of photos, but we didn't ask for a tour. It was a fun and interesting day even though the temps were in the high 90's. You can see more of my photos at

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