Friday, July 16, 2010

Was this ME?

I was digging through some boxes today looking for something and I found this old photo of me. It says "Spring 1974" on the back of it. In the Spring of 1974, I had been married to my first husband, David, for four years and I was working as a receptionist for Playboy Magazine in Chicago. I saw a billboard about becoming a model and I decided I wanted to take the classes and learn about how to become a model. I took some very interesting classes on how to walk, sit and how to get in and out of a car properly. I had a class on how to apply make up and hair styling and what color of shoes to wear with what color of dress. I remember that you are supposed to wear shoes darker than the hem of your skirt and to NEVER wear WHITE SHOES, unless you had on an all white outfit. There were several girls in the classes, but I am sure none of them actually became models. Someone took our photos with our stats, such as height, weight, etc. on the photo and this is the photo taken of me -- Height - 5'5", Weight - 110 pounds. Sure wish I still had that body!

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