Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Lady with the Pink Poodle

This is a photo of a necklace I made and named "Lady with the Pink Poodle". I got very inspired and excited to make this necklace after reading my friend Katrina Fong's blog. Katrina is the daughter of our friends Bob and Kathleen Fong, who are members of the St. Paul Lutheran Church where we were members for six and a half years in Sarasota, FL. I watched Katrina grow up into a beautiful, young lady. Katrina is very talented in art and is now a junior at the Ringling School of Art in Sarasota. As one of her assignments last year, she was to describe a person whom she could have no contact with in a piece of artwork. She said a lady came into the place where she works with a poodle that was dyed pink! This was her inspiration for her assignment. You can read about her paintings she did on the Lady with the Pink Poodle from her blog -- (Copy and paste this link into your Internet browser to read Katrina's blog and see her artwork.). Take a look at the other pieces of Katrina's wonderful artwork that she shows on her blog. After getting caught up on Katrina's blog last week, I started thinking about this Lady with the Pink Poodle. I envisioned her as wearing pearls, diamonds, high-heeled shoes and exuding lots of money. I HAD to make a necklace and name it Lady with the Pink Poodle! Katrina was ecstatic that I wanted to write about her artwork that inspired me. All of us artists enjoy getting inspired and excited about our work and wish all of our expressions of art came about in this fashion.

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