Sunday, February 6, 2011

Another Dizzy Discard Necklace

This is a necklace in our Dizzy Discards line. Why am I putting it in the Dizzy Discards line? Because the pearls and the material were bought at thrift stores. When I was in Gainesville, FL, a couple of weeks ago, I had a morning to myself while Michael was teaching his law class. I decided to take a walk. I asked the clerk at the desk at the hotel if there were any stores near by and he told me that there was a Dollar General about a half mile away. As I was walking to the Dollar General store, I saw a thrift shop on the opposite side of the street. I love looking in thrift shops! I always find some good bargains and I find old jewelry that I can take apart to use for my jewelry that I make. At this thrift shop, I found some filmy material for $.05! I already had an idea in mind how I was going to incorporate that piece of material in a piece of jewelry. Then, when I was visiting my sister-in-law, Chris, in Vero Beach, she and I went to several nice thrift shops. I found the clip-on pearl earrings for $.50 that I knew would go wonderful with that piece of filmy material I bought in Gainesville. On the left is a photo of my new necklace! It probably cost me under a dollar to make. I hope someone who isn't reading my blog will pay $20 for the beautiful necklace!

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