Sunday, February 20, 2011

Corbin's Family in Dallas

This is a picture of HAPPY Linda with her grandkids -- Christian ( almost 3), Carson (6) and Caty (9). My grandkids had never been to Dallas to our apartment (or any place where we have lived), so I was very excited that they finally were here to visit! Corbin brought his family on Thursday and they stayed at the Great Wolf Lodge in Grapevine that night. On Friday, they spent the day at the indoor water park there. Then, they checked into the Residence Inn nearer where Bob and I live. Bob and I met all of them at the Black-Eyed Pea for dinner on Friday night. On Saturday, they came to our apartment for breakfast. Christian found some metal airplanes right away and he had such fun with them. Bob's kids had given the airplanes to him as part of a Christmas gift when we lived in Sarasota. The airplanes represented a ticket for Bob to fly to IL to visit his grandsons. Bob kept the four metal planes on a shelf of his nightstand and Christian found them about two minutes into their visit here. He completely ignored the Toy Story etch-a-sketch I got for him! The girls did enjoy coloring their new picture books, however. After breakfast, we went to the Dallas Aquarium. We all enjoyed the wild animals, fish and birds we saw. After lunch at Cafe Express, Corbin & Christy took Christian back to the hotel so he could take a nap. Caty & Carson experienced their first ride on the Dallas trolley! Bob, the girls and I took a round trip on the trolley. The girls loved it! Caty & Carson told us that they want to live in Dallas! Back at our apartment, we had about an hour before their dad picked them up, so I got out some beads. I had on a necklace that Carson liked and after I told her that I made it, she told me that she wanted to make a necklace! Music to my ears!! I let the girls pick out the beads they wanted for their new necklaces and I put them together. Caty has her ears pierced, so I also made her a pair of earrings. They met Christy's cousin for dinner on Saturday night, so Bob and I had the evening to ourselves. This morning (Sunday), Bob and I met them at the American Girl Doll store and bistro at the Galleria. Caty & Carson received the American Girl Dolls from Santa. Christy, Caty, Carson and I went to the bistro for lunch while Bob, Corbin & Christian had lunch elsewhere in the Galleria. What FUN! There were even chairs for the dolls to sit at the tables and cups for their own cup of tea! Afterwards, of course, we had to shop at the American Girl Doll Store! The girls picked out some new outfits for their dolls, Julie & Kayah. And Christian told his dad, "I need a puppy!" He found a cute, stuffed dog from the Chocolate Chip series. These dolls have everything! So unlike "in the good old days" when my sister and I had to use our imaginations and use boxes for beds and furniture for our dolls and handkerchiefs and wash cloths for blankets. And, we actually sewed our own doll clothes! Oh, well. It was fun for the day with my grandkids and watching them pick out items for their American Girl Dolls. You can see all of the photos from the weekend at --

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