Friday, February 11, 2011

Blue Necklaces

These necklaces are results of a purchase of the blue Batik fabric beads (cylinder beads in photo on the left). On one of my Beading Daily emails, there were instructions for a three-stranded necklace using these Kristal Wick Batik fabric beads. I fell in love with the beads and I had to buy some. First, I looked at Batik fabric at Joann's Fabric store and I thought I'd just make my own Batik fabric beads. But, after looking at lots of Batik fabric, I didn't see any as pretty as the blue Batik fabric beads I saw on So, I used my gift card that my brother gave me for Christmas and I purchased these Kristal Wick blue Batik fabric beads. I wanted to make the three-stranded necklace similar to the one on Beading Daily. I went to several of my favorite bead shops and purchased the rest of the beads I needed for the project. After I made three strands, using the two strands in the necklace on the left and the outer strand on the necklace on the right, I decided that the three-strand necklace was way too elaborate and I had spent way too much money on ONE necklace! I would have had to price the necklace at over $50 to recoup the money I had spent on beads -- not counting getting anything for the time I'd spent making the necklace. I split up the strands, made another strand with gold chain and a few beads to match the outer strand for the necklace on the right and -- VOILA! -- two necklaces!! These will be for sale on NeeNee & CheeChee's Beaded Things website --

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