Saturday, June 25, 2011

Meeting Janet Evanovich!!

Last night I got to meet Janet Evanovich -- one of my most favorite authors! I'm not sure I would have driven 45 minutes -- TWICE! -- and stood in line for two hours for many other authors to sign a book. Maybe James Patterson or Jan Karon. But, it was worth it and very exciting to meet Janet E. in the flesh! Yesterday, my BFF, Jeanette, flew in from Atlanta. She had never heard of Janet Evanovich or her books, but she wanted to go with me to the book signing, of course. I told her to start with "One for the Money". I've read them all! After I picked her up at the DFW airport at 9 a.m., we drove directly to the Barnes & Noble Bookstore in Frisco for our armbands. We were told that Ms. Evanovich would sign our books at approximately 10:30 p.m.! Jeanette and I enjoyed our day together going to breakfast at the IHOP, then to the Rock Barrel to pick out beads for a necklace she wants me to make for her daughter-in-law, and chilling out at our pool in our apartment complex. After dinner and a quick nap, Bob drove us back to Frisco. Isn't he just THE BEST husband to go and stand around for two hours while we wait in line to get books signed? YES!!! We finally met Janet E. and got our books signed at 11 p.m. I told Jeanette and Bob that it was kind of like a wedding. You plan, get excited, anticipate, wait and wait, the day finally arrives, then it's over in a flash! It was certainly worth it, however! Here is the link to the rest of my photos --

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