Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Purchases from Bead & Button Bead Show in Milwaukee - June 2011

These are the purchases I made at the Bead & Button Bead Show in Milwaukee on Saturday, June 11th. Almost all of these purchases came from my favorite vendors. I have had subscriptions to several bead magazines and I have bought many bead books over the past seven plus years that I have been making jewelry and I have drooled over some of these components for about those many years. I love the Tibetan silver capped beads and I buy one at a lot of the bead shows I go to. I have purchased two of the Tibetan Prayer Amulets in the past, made them into necklaces and sold both of them. I finally found some sterling silver jewelry tags that I stamped "N & C" (for NeeNee & CheeChee) onto to put on our necklaces. The oriental-looking silver pendant is PURE silver. I saw this in one of my bead magazines and I have wanted one ever since. The greenish beads are Roman glass. They are extremely expensive in the bead stores and I got a good deal on them at the bead show. The "Obey Thy Heart" turquoise ceramic pendant is one of Pam & Heather Wynn's. I LOVE their ceramic pendants! My sister and I have drooled over EVERYTHING from Green Girl Studios, so this year, I broke down and bought an expensive copper bird toggle clasp. The green shell rectangle and the white and orange rectangle on top of the green one are from Lilly Pilly. Again, this is one of my most favorite vendors and I just HAD to own one of their pendants! (But, I'm sure I will make it into a necklace that I will sell.) The purple and pink lampwork bead is from Grace Beads. I spent a lot of time at the Grace Beads booth trying to decide which bead I was going to buy. I wanted ALL of them! I found the purple wire lace from Sonoran Beads that I plan to put with the Grace Beads lampwork bead pendant. I saw the painted enamel gears in a new bead magazine, found them at the bead show and purchased some. I have no plans for them yet. The metal heart with the red hand and "Left Hand Brewing Company" written on it, was purchased from Glass Garden Beads. My sister purchased one of these metal hearts last year from Glass Garden Beads and after we got home from the bead show last year, I kicked myself for not getting one then. Now, I have one! The pretty opal multi-stone rhinestone pieces came from AD Adornments. I could have bought every piece they had there! All of them were so beautiful! I will keep you posted on what I make with all of these pretty pieces, so keep your eye on my blogs.

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