Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Linda's Excellent Adventure

I've had a really fun day and an adventurous afternoon. (I am so glad I have GPS in the car!) My day started early, as I helped a friend in Hurst with her three and five year old kids, as she is restricted to bed rest with her third pregnancy. Her husband Joel teaches math at a nearby college. I arrived at Ann & Joel's house at 7:30 this morning. I helped Rachel and Micah with their breakfast, cleaned up spilled milk from the floor, played a puzzle on the floor with Micah, helped Rachel find her clothes to wear and talked to Ann. It was a busy morning. I left their house around 1:00 p.m. and set my GPS to go to the McAlister's Deli in Addison. I found several gift cards in my wallet the other day, so I decided that I would use them and have a FUN day! I had lunch at McAlister's for less than $3.00 (plus my gift card that I received at the Empty Bowls event). I also found a Michael's Craft Store in the same shopping center and I needed some black bead thread and black beads for two projects that I am working on. Again, I used a gift card. I still have close to $10 left on my Michael's gift card! I had a gift card at Dillard's and I wanted to do my exercise walking (It is MUCH too HOT outside to do it!), so I headed to Northpark Mall next. I could have used my Dillard's gift card about ten times, but I walked out without using it at all. I decided I would rather save it for something I really want. I needed some vitamins, so I used a Visa gift card from an AT&T rebate on them. Then, I went across the street to the Barnes & Noble store. I had some money left on another gift card there. I bought a card and a Godiva dark chocolate bar. YUM! Lunch, card, chocolate bar, vitamins, beads and thread -- all for less than $20! Priceless!

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