Sunday, August 28, 2011

Bob & Linda's 16th Anniversary -- Munzesheimer Manor

I love going to Bed & Breakfast places, so Bob said it was OK with him if we spent our 16th anniversary at one. We talked about going to Eureka Springs, but I didn't want to spend time driving and riding in the car. We looked online at Bed & Breakfast places in Texas, then decided to stay at Munzesheimer Manor in Mineola. My friend Susan Bates Brooks knows the owners from when they all lived in Tulsa, and she recommended it. I took a look at their website -- and when I saw the photo of the house, I immediately decided that was the one I wanted to go to. I love the old Victorian houses and this was my idea of a B&B.

Bob and I left yesterday morning on the day of our 16th anniversary, after first having a late breakfast at one of my favorite places for breakfast in Dallas -- Dream Cafe. Mineola is one and a half hours from Dallas, so we didn't spend all of our time driving and riding in the car. We arrived at Munzesheimer Manor around 3 p.m. and met our wonderful host and hostess, Bob & Sherry, and checked into our beautiful room. Even though it was 101 degrees outside, Bob and I decided to check out the town of Mineola. There were some antique stores and lots of quaint shops that we enjoyed exploring. After we got cleaned up for dinner, we went to Kitchen's Hardware, Deli & Steakhouse for dinner. Yes, there was a hardware store and deli off to the side of the steakhouse. Bob & Sherry recommended it to us when we arrived and Sherry even called in our reservations. It was a good thing that we had the reservations, as the restaurant was packed! I had salmon and Bob had the steak for dinner. Everything we tasted was wonderful, but especially since we ate no lunch. Oh, we did try a fried pie at one of the little shops earlier. Those fried pies are very popular and in all of the shops and restaurants. It was my first one.

After dinner, Bob and I decided to drive around and see the area. We drove around Lake Fork Reservoir. When we had returned to the B&B, the other couple who was staying there and Bob and Sherry, were sitting in the living room visiting, so we joined them. I love meeting new people!

Bob said he liked the sound of the nearby freight train that whistled as it came through Mineola several times during the night. I heard it also, but it didn't keep me awake very long. I slept well in the comfy bed.

At eight o'clock sharp this morning, Bob & Sherry brought coffee and tea upstairs to our rooms. At nine o'clock, breakfast was served in the dining room. Bob made Dutch Babies and miniature blueberry muffins for breakfast. Very yummy! They even had moonshine syrup, that Bob & Sherry went to Louisiana to buy.

After breakfast and more visiting, we said our good-byes and headed back to Dallas. It was a wonderful 16th anniversary!

If you would like to see more photos of our trip, here is the link --

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