Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Boxes of Memories in My Closet

Over the Labor Day weekend when Bob and I were sitting for my grandkids, my two granddaughters, Caty who is almost 10, and Carson who is 7, wanted to play with some paper dolls. A year ago when we were sitting for them, I found some paper dolls online at makingfriends.com. Caty and Carson wanted me to print out the same paper dolls for them a couple of weeks ago when we were there. When I was talking to my sister later, we remembered that I had some paper dolls that our mother had hand-drawn when she was a little girl. I knew I had them somewhere in a box in my closet. I had looked one other time and I couldn't find them. Today I had nothing special planned, so I decided to look for those paper dolls again. I have several boxes in my closet that contain things I have saved over the years that were mine or items belonging to my boys. I enjoy looking through those boxes from time to time. I love reading my diaries from junior high and high school, looking at photos of my boys when they were little and looking at their papers from school. Today, I found those paper dolls. Here is a page I scanned. The paper doll, named Tilly Toiler, has three pages of clothes. I also found two autograph books from 1961 and 1962. I hadn't read them in many years.

Here are some of the autographs from my dad (Rollin Smith), my cousin Larry when he was six years old, my Grandpa Smith, and my Grandma Smith.

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