Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Dreams of Flying

Have you ever had a dream that you can fly? Just lift up your arms and away you go into the sky to fly around and look at the town below you? I do have these dreams that I can fly now and then. I love these dreams. I always wake up with a happy feeling. Last night I had one of these dreams and I took my younger son (who died in November 2005) with me. I had never taken anyone flying with me in my dreams. I asked Cavan if he liked it and he was hesitant at first, but he said he did like it. I told him that I liked it too and that I could fly anytime I wanted. I told him that he could do this too, just by putting his hands up into the air and giving a little jump. I've never been afraid in my flying dreams. I've always enjoyed my flights around the town or around the ceiling of a big room. I'm not much of one to try to interpret my night time dreams or to even put much meaning into them. I just enjoy them. Well, most of the time I enjoy my dreams. I have had nightmares that I don't enjoy at all. I've read that when you dream about flying it means that you have been liberated from something that is troubling you. I didn't know I had anything troubling me yesterday or this past week. Maybe I was troubled by this beading project I'm trying to work out. I've remade this necklace twice and I still don't like it. Maybe today I will get it figured out. And maybe tonight I will have another dream about being able to fly.


  1. Love this post! I have had dreams about flying, too. I always thought they were kind of weird, but I now will view them as pure and simple fun.

  2. I never thought any of my flying dreams were weird. I love them! Bob said he loves them too, but he doesn't have them very often. I have a flying dream every few months. And a lot of my dreams have Cavan or Cindy in them. I wonder why? Hummmm.