Saturday, January 14, 2012

Catie Beth Bath & Body Soaps

Bob's niece, Catherine Dreher, makes soap that she sells on her Etsy website, Catie Beth Bath & Body -- Catherine donates a part of her proceeds to help orphans get adopted. She and her husband Scott adopted a little boy from Ethiopia and the sales from her soap helped with the money they needed for this adoption. I started using Catherine's soaps about a year ago and I LOVE them! I asked Catherine a few months ago if she could make me some soap to match the scent of a face scrub that I have been using and that I like. Catherine mentioned on her Facebook page that she was good at determining scents, so I decided to give her a challenge. I love the scent of the Biore face scrub and when I looked at the Biore website, I only found products for the face. There were no body soaps, body wash or anything else in that category. Catherine took me up on my offer to create a soap that matched the scent of the Biore face scrub. I told her that on the Biore website that all that was mentioned in the ingredients was "fragrance". I sent her a tube of the Biore face scrub and she ordered oils for what she thought would match the scent -- mint, melons, cucumber and apple. I told her that I would buy all of the bars of soap she made unless she wanted to try selling them on her website. Yesterday I received a box with 17 bars of my soap in it! She sent me a sliver of it a couple of weeks ago along with a bar that I wanted to give to my sister when she visited. I have been using that little sliver and it smells so wonderful! It has a very clean scent, like fresh mowed grass. I have enough soap to last me a long time now. If you would like to try a bar of it, I will send it to you if you promise to try some of Catherine's other soaps. I love her "Energy" soap. I won her drawing that she had to win a bar of soap shaped like a tractor and I think that was an oatmeal soap of some kind. It had a wonderful smell to it! Let me know if you would like to try one of my new soaps. I think we need a name for it too!

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