Thursday, January 12, 2012

Christmas 2011

I LOVE holidays with family! I wish that ALL of my family lived close to each other so I could be with every one of them for the holidays (and any time we wanted to get together). But, since my family is so scattered across the United States, I am very glad to be close enough to some of my family to get together for holidays, birthdays and any time in between.

My son Corbin, his wife and three children live in Tulsa which is only a four hour drive from Dallas. Also, Bob has a sister, two brothers and their families there. We try to spend holidays and birthdays with them. We went to Tulsa for Christmas and we had a wonderful time with everyone there.

We arrived in Tulsa on December 24th, thankful for the very good weather this year. We met Corbin, his family and Christy's family at their church for the Christmas Eve service. After the church service, we went to Corbin & Christy's house for a wonderful, traditional Italian dinner. We ate on their Christmas plates in their formal dining room, which was beautiful decorated. Then, we exchanged gifts. Bob and I gave Christian an Imaginex helicopter and police car that made lots of noise. He loved it and was glad he got some toys to play with. We gave American Girl Doll clothes to the girls for their dolls.

Corbin and his family like being just the five of them together on Christmas Day. Bob and I went to church at Joy Lutheran where we had been married. After visiting with Bob's brother Nick and his wife Sandra, we had a wonderful Christmas Day dinner with his sister Suzanne, her three girls and their families.

You can see the rest of our Christmas photos at this link --

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