Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Blue Man Necklace

DeWayne, my son Cavan's organ recipient who lives in Florida, sent me a box of found objects to use in my jewelry and for making my gift bags.  He told me that he went dumpster diving for some of these pieces!  Way to go DeWayne!  Shortly before the box of found objects arrived at my apartment, I bought this blue face bead from an Etsy website called Nature Buttons.  As soon as I saw this blue ceramic face bead I knew exactly what I wanted to do with it!  I wish all of my inspirations for my jewelry were this instantaneous.  I had planned to go look for these horseshoe nails to purchase or ask my friend Laura who has horses if she would give some of the nails to me.  But, then I received the box of found objects from DeWayne and there was ONE of the horseshoe nails!  It was a bit rusty and beat up and it was exactly what I wanted!  I called DeWayne and asked him if he had any other nails like this and he told me he had ONE more.  That was all I needed for my project.  Here is the photo of my "Blue Man" necklace I made with the blue ceramic face bead, some annealed steel wire and the horseshoe nails.

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  1. Fantastic work with a story of its own - thanks for sharing this.