Tuesday, July 24, 2012

The only thing missing was the peanut butter.

I LOVE to bake cookies!  There were always cookies in the house when I grew up as a kid.  At the age of 10, I was baking and cooking on my own and I loved to make cookies.  I don't bake cookies as often as I used to when I had the boys at home or as often as I would even like to since there is only my husband and me at home.  Bob and I certainly don't need to eat cookies and I gave up eating sugar -- except for the honey I put in my tea in the morning and my daily piece of chocolate that I MUST eat! -- a couple of years ago.  But, I do bake cookies or muffins once in awhile when I get the urge.  Then, I take them to our church for the coffee hour and I let everyone else eat them.  It is a win-win situation.

When I travel, I buy packages of nuts or trail mix at the convenient store/gas stations when we stop.  I don't eat the nuts or trail mix when I get home, but for some reason I feel like I must munch on something when I'm riding in the car.  Maybe it is boredom.  I rarely eat the whole package of these nuts or trail mixes.  When I get home, these packages of nuts, trail mixes and such go into the pantry.  Today when I was looking for something to eat for lunch, I spied these various packages of nuts and trail mixes I had bought on my various trips we took in the past couple of months.  I decided they would be good made into some cookies.  I found a basic trail mix cookie recipe online, but then I made up my own recipe as I went along.  I rarely make a recipe like it says, but I do need a gauge of how much sugar, flour, eggs, baking soda and salt to put in them.  Then, I added the packages of nuts, trail mixes, some chocolate chips and some coconut.  The only thing missing was the peanut butter! 

I decided to try just one cookie as I needed to make sure they are good enough to take to church for the coffee hour.  They came out pretty good!  Next time I'll add the peanut butter.

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