Wednesday, March 3, 2010

I like "Decorates"!

I am like my niece Tarah. I go for the "decorates" on the sweaters, blouses, dresses and such. My sister enjoys sewing for a hobby and when our nieces, Tarah & Chelsea, were little, Cindy made them clothes. Cindy makes clothes for the whole family. I have a drawer full of vests she has made for me -- at least one for every holiday and then some. One time she made a dress for Tarah when she was little, but Tarah said she would not wear it because it didn't have "decorates" on it. She is like me. We like the ruffles, buttons, ribbons, beads and such on our clothes. I was shopping at the mall today and I noticed that nearly every item I picked up to look at had "decorates" on it. This is a sweater at Forever 21 that I fell in love with. I love the "decorates", but not the color. I will have to get my sister to make one like it for me!

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