Tuesday, May 31, 2011

New Doll for My Doll Collection

I have a new doll to add to my doll collection. My friend Aly Goodno came over to my apartment a couple of months ago to help me put new tags on all of my jewelry. I gave her a tour of our apartment and she saw my doll collection. Aly went home to Mexico for a vacation and she brought me this beautiful doll from Queretaro. I will add this doll to my collection.

My doll collection started when I was ten years old. My grandpa Smith was a doctor and he loved to travel. The year that I was ten in 1959, Grandpa Smith went to Europe and he brought me a doll from each country that he visited. I received those dolls for Christmas that year. These dolls started my collection. I LOVE dolls! I have been adding to my collection ever since then. I don't collect any specific kind of doll. Just ones I like. Actually, I haven't bought very many of them. Friends and family give them to me. I also inherited my grandma Purdue's doll collection after she died. I have a Raggedy Ann doll that my first husband gave to me when we were dating in the 60's. And I have my Barbie & Ken dolls and all of their clothes that I played with as a child. Barbie is the second edition and Ken is the first edition. I have a Betsy McCall doll with all of her clothes. I own a doll that was purchased with Rice Krispies cereal box tops. I have many more dolls. Someone asked me how many dolls I have. I have never counted them and I couldn't even guess.

My cabinet that I keep my dolls in was also my grandpa Smith's where he used to keep his medical journals.

I still love my dolls and I plan to pass them onto my granddaughters some day if they want them.

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