Sunday, January 30, 2011

Linda's Trip to Florida -- Vero Beach

The third part of my trip to FL, I spent with my sister-in-law Chris, in Vero Beach. I arrived on Thursday near dinner time, after spending the day with my dad and Susan in Lake Placid. Lots of driving on Thursday! I started the day in Parrish with my friend Pat. Chris made a yummy spinach quiche for dinner. Chis enjoys cooking like I do and we have a lot of other common interests. I thoroughly enjoyed this part of my trip!

On Friday, Chris took me to a couple of bead shops, some thrift shops and we had a nice walk along the Indian River and the Wabasso Beach. We looked for shells and sea glass. Chris collects sea glass and she has a few containers filled with it. Last year Chris gave me some of her sea glass that I used in pieces of jewelry.

My niece Chelsea and my nephew Paul live with Chris. Chelsea is working at American Eagle at the mall and going to school to get her degree in accounting. Paul is in his senior year of high school. He is excelling in the ROTC program and he plans to train as a Navy Seal after graduation.

On Saturday, I THOUGHT my flight from Orlando back to Dallas was at 7 p.m. So, Chris and I decided to spend the day shopping at an outlet mall. Chris isn't much of a shopper like I am, but I was thrilled that she took me! We had a wonderful time! We went back to her house for some leftover quiche. Then, I drove back to Orlando.

As I was standing in line to check my bags, I looked at my itinerary and saw that my plane was leaving in 10 minutes!!! Well, I missed that one, needless to say. I was put on another plane that left an hour after I arrived at the airport and it was a better flight since I didn't have a layover in Houston.

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