Friday, November 6, 2009

$1,000 for TWO Cats!

Bob and I think $1,000 for deposit and fees for two cats is a bit much. We received the letter from The Mondrian and this is what it will cost to move Buster & Rowdy with us next Thursday. I can see maybe paying a $500 deposit and $500 in fees for DOGS. Dogs are much more destructive than cats. My kitties have never chewed up a baseboard or clawed any walls or doors. They don't even have any front claws. They might hack up a hair ball now and then, but that is easily cleaned up with some soap and water and a cloth. One time Bob closed the door to the guest bathroom where we keep their litter box and one of them pooped on our bathmat in the master bathroom. Why the cat chose to do it there is anyone's guess. But, at least it was easy to clean up! The bathmat went into the washing machine (after removing the poop!). One good thing I can say for living where we do now in the DPL building, it has stained concrete floors and all marble counter tops. We will have carpeting in our new apartment and I suppose the owners of The Mondrian want to keep their carpets looking nice -- hence the $1,000 deposit and fees. Anyone want a couple of nice cats? Just kidding! I think they are worth $1,000 and MORE!

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