Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Fall in Dallas

It is Fall in Dallas. I can tell by looking out of our 17th story apartment window onto the City Hall plaza across the street and looking at the color of the leaves on the trees. Living in downtown Dallas, we see mostly concrete. There aren't many trees in the downtown area and I don't get out of the downtown area very often since we have nearly everything we need right here. So, I don't see the beautiful colors on the trees, except those I can see from my apartment windows. And Dallas has a lot of Live Oak trees that don't change colors in the Fall. When we drove to Illinois three weeks ago, we saw a lot of the changing colors of the leaves. Just when I decided to take photos of some trees, I discovered that the battery in my camera was dead. So, all I could do at that time, was look at the beautiful trees and admire the colors. I think it is time for a car trip to where I can see more changing colors of the leaves on the trees. And this time the battery in my camera will be charged up and ready to take some photos!

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