Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Move Is Over -- Back to Beading!!

Last night I finally was able to get my beads back out. I haven't done any beadwork since the first week of October. I put my beads away when we went to Illlinois for my uncle's memorial. When we got back to Dallas, I went right to work on a temporary assignment with Lone Star Funds. I also got a sinus infection and I didn't feel very well for several weeks until I went to the doc and he gave me prescription for Z-pak. Then, we decided we had to get out of the Dallas Power & Light apartment building and move to The Mondrian, where it is much quieter -- NO DJ playing on weekends! We did this in two weeks time. So, between all of that, I had no time to get out the beads to make any new projects. I have plenty of new beads and I have been itching to use them. I found some beautiful vintage beads on Etsy that I have purchased, so I will be using them soon. DeWayne, the recipient of Cavan's liver and left kidney, who lives in Jacksonville, FL, also sent me some beads. He said that he had planned to make some jewelry, but never did. So, he sent some of them to me. He sent me some coral beads, scarabs and garnets -- my birthstone. He told me to make some pretty jewelry and sell it. A couple weeks ago one night when I couldn't sleep, I got inspired on a design for a necklace with the garnets that DeWayne sent to me. When I get an inspiration, I want to sit down with my beads and make it right then. But, I wasn't going to get up at 3 a.m. and start beading. So, last night I finally made my garnet necklace. It is hard to see in this photograph, but there is a smokey crystal teardrop at the top of the garnet circles. I might have to keep this one. Thanks DeWayne!

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