Tuesday, November 10, 2009

I'm all for Organ Donation

My son Cavan saved the lives of these two men. Michael is on the left and DeWayne is on the right. When Cavan died, the doctors asked if he was an organ donor. Lauren said he carried a card in his wallet. Michael has Cavan's right kidney and DeWayne has Cavan's left kidney and liver. About a year after Cavan died, I received a letter from Life Quest telling me who had received these organs and that I could write letters to them through the organization. Until just a few months ago, all I had were first names. I started writing letters and I received a few letters in return. DeWayne and I had exchanged our three required letters and a few months ago, we both decided we wanted to know the personal information on each other. We filled out the required forms and sent them to Life Quest. DeWayne and I have been talking on the phone with each other and have exchanged photos. I've sent him a lot of information about Cavan. Yesterday, I received the personal information on Michael after our three required letters and forms that went through Life Quest. We had a nice chat on the phone and he sent me his photo through email. DeWayne doesn't own a computer so we are still corresponding via the USPS mail and phone calls. Neither of these men would be alive today if it hadn't have been for Cavan's donated organs. I am now an organ donor myself. I encourage everyone to become an organ donor. I will be meeting Michael and DeWayne for the first time when we go to Florida in January. Can't wait!!

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