Sunday, November 29, 2009


HOT FLASHES!!!! They are AWFUL! Shortly after I started experiencing them, a few friends of mine were talking about HOT FLASHES and one younger lady in the group who had never had them asked what they were like. Sue, one of my friends, said that when you have a HOT FLASH, you just want to take off all of your clothes and lie down on the COLD mall floor!! And she is right! I was talking about hot flashes the other day with Bob's sister-in-law and we were comparing notes. She told me that she always gets a hot flash when she is putting on her make up in the morning. I do too!! I told her that I don't even put my top on until I'm finished applying the make up. Well, I decided to Google "hot flashes" and read what the authorities had to say about them. I found out that there are triggers, such as caffeine. Well, I do drink hot tea in the morning, usually before I apply or while I am applying my make up. I know that Sandra drinks coffee in the mornings. And I can almost set my clock when it is bedtime by the hot flash I'm going to have. The website I read said that when you are fatigued you get them. And the most common time of onset is between six and eight in the morning, and between six to ten at night. Yep! This is when I get them. During the daytime when I'm sitting at work, I rarely get a hot flash. And of course, the website said that stress causes them. What DOESN'T stress cause??? And it said that EXERCISE can help to alleviate them. And what DOESN'T exercise help??? It also said to cut out the fat from your diet and lose weight. UGH! OK. I didn't read any further. Lose weight. Exercise. Better diet. No caffeine. Don't get fatigued. No stress. It sounds like I'm going to have HOT FLASHES for a long, long time!

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