Sunday, November 15, 2009

Good-bye DPL -- Hello, The Mondrian

I HATE MOVING!!!! What an awful job! We had movers help us out on Thursday and three men moved all of the furniture and heavy boxes. And our friends Barry & Pat have a truck and a dolly and they helped us with a big load of stuff on Thursday night. They wanted to do more, but Bob and I were too exhausted. Bob and I spent Friday night and most of Saturday packing up stuff the movers didn't take. We made about five trips with the car filled to the hilt with STUFF. And we spent over four hours today with both of us working to clean the DPL apartment. We stayed in our NEW apartment at The Mondrian the past three nights now and it is very QUIET! The Dallas Power & Light building, where we moved from, is old, dark, smelly -- the dumpster is in the same area as the mailboxes!! -- and NOISY! The Mondrian where we moved to is new, bright, nice smelling and QUIET! We had some good times at DPL and the night views with the downtown lights were especially nice. There was always something going on in downtown Dallas. But, we are ready for PEACE & QUIET now. As you can see by the photo, we have a lot to do in the weeks ahead with all of the unpacking. I need to get rid of a lot of STUFF too. I never realized how much STUFF we had until we had to pack it up to move. And I start a fulltime job DOWNTOWN tomorrow! I'll have to take the DART train, but it is only two stops away. So, it might takes us a couple of weeks to get things put away and pictures up on the walls. When our new apartment is presentable, I'll post some photos. But, for tonight, it is a lot of REST!

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