Tuesday, December 29, 2009

CheeChee Is Here!

CheeChee, a.k.a. Cindy Meier, and the other half of the NeeNee & CheeChee's Beaded Things business is here in Dallas with us! My sister, Cindy, flew into Dallas this morning to visit with us through the remainder of the week. I was still working my temp job this morning, so Bob picked her up at DWF Airport. They picked me up from my job downtown and after lunch and after Bob returned to work, Cindy and I got down to business -- BEADING! We talked about beads all afternoon. I have been collecting various beading components from bead shows, bead shops, shopping online, Christmas gifts and even from Walmart. Since Cindy flew in, she couldn't bring any of her beads with her. I am letting her help me with my projects. We haven't added any new beaded jewelry to the Etsy website for awhile, but you will be able to see some new pieces there by the end of the week. On to BEADING!

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