Thursday, December 10, 2009

The Girl Who Wears Many Hats -- Including a Red One

I have been a receptionist for most of my working days. Right after I was married in 1970, I started to work for Credit Information Corporation on Michigan Avenue in Chicago, IL. I started out as a CRT operator, but one day my boss asked me to work at the reception desk when the receptionist didn't show up for work. She told me that I had a "pretty smile". That first day as I remember was quite a disaster. I wasn't coached on how to be a receptionist and right off the bat, someone walked into the office to see the president. I called him and said that "there is a woman here to see you". I didn't ask for a name, company or anything about the person. It did get better after that. I found out through the years working as a receptionist that I have to "wear many different kinds of hats", as the saying goes and be able to do many odd jobs. Throughout the years, I've had to be a nurse, a chauffeur, a hair stylist, make up artist, go-fer, typist, time clocker, and many more that I can't think of at the moment. Today, I am a gift wrapper. I am working a temp job as a receptionist with a law firm and they are sending out Christmas gifts to their clients. I am wrapping up Kindle's. You know, those books you read on a little gizmo that you hold in your hand? I sure wish I could drop one in my bag and take it home with me! Do you think anyone would miss it? Just kidding. I'd never do anything like that. But, it sure is going to make a nice gift for someone. And occasionally, I wear my Red Hat when I go to lunch with the Red Hat Society ladies.

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