Tuesday, December 15, 2009

My Elements Necklace

I enjoy looking at the Etsy website -- www.etsy.com -- for unusual items. Etsy is made up of "stores" that people set up to sell their homemade wares -- paintings, soap, clothes, jewelry, etc. This website is where I have my jewelry store, NeeNee & CheeChee's Beaded Things. I look at the beads on the Etsy website that people make, as I think these different components is what makes my jewelry pieces that ladies want to buy and wear. Us ladies don't like to wear things that everyone else is wearing. We want to look individual and our clothes and jewelry tells a bit about what we are like. I found a website on Etsy called My Elements. The lady makes these components from plexiglass and hand paints each piece. They are a bit expensive and a little more than what I usually pay for my beads and jewelry making components. But, my sweet sister decided that I NEEDED these beads, so she bought them for me. I think I will sell this necklace on my website, so I'll have to pay her back for them. I have another set of My Elements components that are purple and orange, called Funky Monkey. I haven't used them yet in a piece of jewelry. I'll post a photo when I get something made.

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