Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Which mascara do I use today?

I don't know about you (and I'm referring to the GIRLS out there), but I am a sucker when it comes to advertising. And I love to try new products on the market, especially make up products. And I love trying different mascara products. Whenever I see a mascara advertised that I haven't tried, I HAVE to buy it and try it. I must have 20 of them in my make up bag and bathroom drawers. Last week one day when I was riding the train into work, the BEAUTIFUL, YOUNG girl sitting next to me was applying her mascara and she was using one in a bright green tube. I had never bought that one or tried it. Her eye lashes were so long, dark and beautiful that I HAD to find out what kind of mascara that she was using. I wanted MY eye lashes long, dark and beautiful too! I tried to be discreet and see if I could see any kind of writing on the tube of mascara. I didn't want to ask her. After all, no one talks to anyone on the train -- especially so early in the morning! I saw a "MA" on the bright green tube, so I was sure I could find that brand at a drug or grocery store. On my lunch hour, I walked directly to CVS and sure enough, I found the bright green Mabelline mascara! I knew this was the mascara I had been looking for all of these years that would make MY eye lashes long, dark and beautiful!! I couldn't wait to get home to try it out. The next morning after my shower, I applied the new mascara and just like most of those other mascaras I have bought in my life time of applying mascara, my eye lashes looked JUST THE SAME as they always did! I was very disappointed. I thought for sure that I had FINALLY found the brand of mascara that was going to make my eye lashes long, dark and beautiful. So, I'll continue my hunt and fill up my make up bag and drawers with the various mascaras on the market. If you have one to suggest, please let me know.


  1. Too funny! There's an ad for a new mascara and the model is Penelope Cruz. I am pretty sure my eyelashes will never look like hers even with the mascara! Since you already tried, I know it's true. I'll stick to my usual whatever-is-on-sale and I-have-a-coupon brand!

  2. I have one that I really like by's a dual sided one end is GOLD and that's the mascara part and the other end is white (and that's a coating that you put on before the mascara)...I'm lazy a lot of days and just use the black which still works well by itself but if I want longer/thicker lashes, I put the white end on first and then cover with the black and that really does the job. Don't buy it at CVS for goodness sake you WANT to throw away your money??