Wednesday, December 23, 2009

SPAM Emails

SPAM Emails!! Do you like getting them? I don't! They waste my valuable time! I rarely read them. If Iam really BORED, I might read one or two if they are SHORT ones or in cartoon form. If I open an email with a really long forwarded joke, many photos or such, I just delete it without reading it. I have too many friends and family members that I would rather write emails to than spend my time reading JUNK SPAM emails. One might get opened by mistake if the sender changes the subject line and takes out the "Forwarded" part of it. I have a Yahoo email address that I set up when I lived in Sarasota, so I could use the Freecycle. Once in awhile I will take a look at that email just to get a chuckle. I just looked at it and I have 507 emails in my Inbox and ALL of them are SPAM! Not one legitimate email in there! AND, I have another 244 emails in my SPAM Inbox! That is a total of 751 SPAM emails! WOW! Am I popular or what?

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