Thursday, April 15, 2010

Katy Trail

Last night was so warm and beautiful and I thought that Bob and I should get outside to do some walking. When I go during the daytime, I walk in areas that I know and mostly around West Village or to Albertson's or the Walmart Neighborhood Market. With Bob last night, I decided we needed to try a new route. We had driven down Blackburn Street (the street where we live) to the Oaklawn/Turtle Creek area before, but we had never walked it. I wanted to see how far we were from the Turtle Creek park and to take our walk there. About three blocks from our apartment, we saw a staircase that led to the Katy Trail. I didn't know we were so close to it! Bob and I walked the north end of the Katy Trail last June. We went up the staircase and decided to walk on the Katy Trail last night. It was so beautiful. Friends of the Katy Trail here in Dallas have remodeled it and lots of people are using the trail for walking, rollerblading, and biking. I learned recently that "KATY" stands for the Missouri-Kansas-Texas railroad, or M-K-T or commonly referred to as "the K-T", which was its stock exchange symbol; this common designation soon evolved into "the Katy". I plan to walk on the Katy Trail more often now that I know it is only three blocks from our apartment. The photo is on the Katy Trail, called "Snyder's Union".

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