Monday, April 19, 2010

Weekend with My Friend Jeanette

My friend Jeanette Laury who lives in Atlanta flew to Dallas on Friday to spend the weekend with us. I met Jeanette around 1983 in Broken Arrow, OK when we both lived there and our boys played soccer together. We have stayed close friends every since. On Friday, Bob went with me to pick up Jeanette from the airport. I think Bob was afraid that I'd get lost. I love having a considerate husband who chauffeurs me around! After we dropped off her luggage at our apartment, I took her across the street to West Village where we had lunch at Taco Diner and shopped 'til we dropped. We both LOVE to shop! And Dallas is the place to do that! The three of us went to Frisco for dinner at Lochrann's. My friend Allegra Calkins was celebrating her 40th birthday there. We listened to three of the Mysterious Ways band's music, then left for home. We decided that we are too old for that LOUD music!

On Saturday, we were lazy most of the morning. Jeanette says she likes coming to our house so she can get lots of rest and relaxation. Bob and I are big on R&R! After running a few errands that afternoon, Jeanette made us dinner. She told us that the recipe came with her electric bill. It was a crockpot dinner made with corn, chicken, taco seasoning, salsa and black beans. It was yummy! I was having a problem with a sore back, so Jeanette massaged it for me. She is a nurse at Emory Hospital in Atlanta. Well, I found out that the soreness wasn't really my back, but the piriformis muscle in my butt! It is much better now.

After church on Sunday, we took Jeanette to Plano to meet a girlfriend of hers from high school whom she had not seen in over 40 years. What FUN! We had lunch together. I love looking up "old" friends. Jeanette told us that she found her friend Peggy on Facebook. On the way back home, we stopped at the new outlet mall with the Nordstrom Rack store. More shopping! Jeanette made another wonderful dinner for us -- stir fry with tofu and Szechuan sauce.

Of course, she didn't leave before shopping at my own apartment with my jewelry. She picked out several pieces for herself and some to take back for her daughter-in-laws. I had to take Jeanette back to the airport at 2:30 p.m. I did get lost on the way, but thank goodness for the GPS, I got to the airport AND back home again! I miss her already, but we'll be together again soon.

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