Monday, April 12, 2010

Trip to Kansas City

Bob and I took a trip to Liberty, MO to visit with his daughter Jenny and her husband Stephen. They bought a house last June that we hadn't seen yet. The house is in a nice neighborhood and it fits them well. Jenny is a biology professor at William-Jewell College. Stephen is a graphic artist. Jenny wanted to map some trails at Isley Park, so we took an afternoon and did a little nature hiking there. Jenny had a GPS to map the trails, but it didn't pick up a satellite signal, so she couldn't do any mapping. We enjoyed a long hike in the beautiful woods, however. The weather was in the 70's and so perfect to be outdoors. They took me to four bead stores and we also went to a couple of real record stores to hunt for a Leonard Skynard album that Bob was looking for. Bob's best friend was Steve Gaines when they were young boys in Miami, OK. On Sunday, we went to a KC Royals baseball game. We sat in the hot sun and we all came home with a little bit of sunburn. It was a wonderful weekend! If you would like to see photos, you can go to my Shutterfly website:

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