Sunday, August 1, 2010

Babysitting for My Grandkids

Bob and I drove up to Tulsa, OK on Friday to babysit with my three grandkids for the first time! Well, we did stay with them a couple hours one night when Corbin & Christy went out to dinner over a year ago. This time it was overnight. Corbin & Christy went to Lake Hudson to stay in a friend's house and spend some time in a boat on the lake. I took my Barbie & Ken dolls that I played with when I was a young girl. I knew the girls would enjoy playing with them. I received my Barbie doll for Christmas when I was ten. I have a second edition Barbie doll and a first edition Ken doll that I got when they came out. One of the Ken dolls belongs to my sister, but she lets me keep it with my doll collection. I also showed the girls how to make Shrinky Dinks with plastic strawberry containers. We strung some of them on leather cords with beads to wear as necklaces. It was too hot to play outside, but they love playing in the water with the hose, so Bob and I watched as they had fun with that on Saturday morning. The girls went to see a movie with Christy's mom on Saturday afternoon. After Christian went down for his nap, so did I! I was exhausted! Corbin & Christy came home last night. We all had a fun weekend! You can see more of my photos at this Shutterfly link --

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