Saturday, August 21, 2010

Prairie Home Companion

Last night Bob and I went to the new Winspear Opera House to see "Prairie Home Companion". The show was very funny and we both enjoyed it. This was the "Summer Love Tour" with Sarah Watkins and Garrison Keillor, in his white suit, red shoes and tie. They both did a lot of singing, but of course, Guy Noir made an appearance and Garrison Keillor did a monologue on Lake Wobegon.

I became acquainted with "Prairie Home Companion" around 1984 when I lived on Quincy Street in Tulsa, OK. Our neighbors next door were Tom and Sue. Tom enjoyed woodworking which he would do in his garage. Tom, who is friendly and gregarious, and me being the same, enjoyed time together chatting in his garage as he was making wood into beautiful furniture. Tom always had the radio on the NPR station and he enjoyed listening to "Prairie Home Companion". I enjoyed listening too and I looked forward to the stories from Lake Wobegon and Guy Noir.

Bob and I listen to "Prairie Home Companion" mostly when we are traveling in the car. It is relaxing to me to escape to Lake Wobegon and forget about the stress of expressway traveling.

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