Tuesday, August 31, 2010


It was hard for me to find a photo of just Rowdy, as he and his brother, Buster, were always together. They were litter mates, born the middle of January in 1998. We got Buster & Rowdy from a lady who worked with Bob at Marsh. She had several cats and when we went to her house to get ONE, she asked us which one we wanted. I told her that whichever cat came to sit on my lap, then that was the one I would take home. Well, Buster got up on Bob's lap and Rowdy got up on mine. So, of course we had to take BOTH of them home with us! She told us that the kitties who were eight months old at the time, were in separable. It took us a few days to give them names, but Bob came up with Buster and Rowdy. The names seemed to fit. They went with us to Sarasota in their carriers when we moved there in March 2001 and back to Dallas in October 2007. A few weeks ago Rowdy was getting sick in the mornings and I took him in to the vet. The doctor told us he had a hyperthyroid and I had to apply ointment to his ears twice daily. This was NOT fun! Rowdy would run and hide from me and I found myself crawling under the end table in the living room, moving furniture out from the walls and once dismantling our bed to get to him. Whenever we left for overnight, we had to take Rowdy to stay at a kitty condo at the vet so he could get his medicine. It would be asking a bit much to ask a friend to come over to the apartment to crawl under the table to give him the medicine! We dropped Rowdy off at the vet this past Saturday, as we were driving up to Tulsa to babysit for my grand kids. I could tell that Rowdy wasn't his "normal self", so I asked the doctor at the vet to take a look at him. Rowdy had been going downhill rapidly and looked very old. The doctor called us on the way home on Sunday to tell us that Rowdy had either liver cancer or cirrhosis of the liver. Neither are curable. We could have had an ultrasound to see which disease he had, but we decided it wouldn't do much good, as Rowdy still was going to continue to go downhill and we didn't want him to suffer any longer. On Sunday, August 29th, we made the decision to put Rowdy to sleep. I'm not sure if Buster misses his brother. It is hard to tell. Buster was always the alpha cat -- eating before Rowdy did, sitting on my lap before Rowdy took his turn and generally doing everything before Rowdy had his turn. I think Buster is now enjoying being King Kat and having my lap all to himself. I miss my little Rowdy Kitty.

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